Take Action

Take Action!

To contribute to the Commission’s first consultation:

1) Complete the Workbook

Groups and individuals can either complete the workbook and mail it back, or do it online.

2) Send in Your Own Submission

Many groups and individuals will want to send their own submission in to the Commission, rather than completing the workbook. Submissions can be sent to:

a) by mail:

Commission for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario
Suite 400 – 2 Bloor Street West
Toronto ON  M4W 3E2

b) by fax: 416 212-0413

c) by email: socialassistancereview@ontario.ca

3) Make a Short Comment on the Website

4) Leave a Short Message on the Answering Machine

Call 1-855-269-6250 to leave a short message on the Commission’s answering machine.

1) Tell Your Story.

If you rely on Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program, you are an expert on the failings and shortcomings of the current system.

We want to gather your expertise on what a transformed social assistance system would be, the kinds of supports it would offer, and the purpose it would serve in your life.

Our Tell Your Story page will let you use your experience as a powerful advocacy tool.

2) Talk to the Politicians.

The decision-makers need to hear from people who have gained expertise about the system through living on it, their friends and families, and their allies.

Our Lobbying Toolkit will connect you with the Premier, the Minister of Community and Social Services, and the Minister Responsible for Poverty Reduction. And don’t forget your own MPP! You’ll also get tips on how to set up a meeting with your MPP, how to prepare, and what to say once you’re there.

3) Contact your Local Media.

Newspapers, radio stations, community bloggers, and others can all help you tell the story, educate people, and gain support for a social assistance review that makes sense.

Our Media Toolkit will give you ideas on how to write a letter to the editor, a press release, or an opinion piece. And don’t forget call-in radio shows, community TV, and local web media.