Interested in organizing in your community around Ontario’s Social Assistance Review this summer?

Not sure where to begin or want some support? You’re not alone!

That’s why the ODSP Action Coalition, with support from the Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC) and the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, has developed a Facilitator’s Guide for a workshop on the Social Assistance Review.

And we’re sharing it with YOU!

If you’re a community leader or working at a community-based organization – and you’re planning to organize a discussion about the Review – you may find our facilitator’s guide a very valuable tool.

Here’s the Facilitator’s Guide:


To facilitate the workshop, you will need to download the following documents:


These are documents that you can use and/or provide to workshop participants:


In preparing to facilitate the workshop and when writing your workshop report, you may find some of the following materials helpful:


And, when you’re sending your workshop report to the Commission, be sure to send a copy to the ODSP Action Coalition at